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"Grocery" is not what is once was. We can help.

Independents can compete in today's marketplace.

-We believe they can THRIVE-

Born from the idea that grocery shopping is an experience, we believe in thoughtful design and meticulous store planning. Our signature approach is solely focused on producing results unlike anywhere else in the industry.


No two cities are the same, why should a particular store be? Every store is uniquely suited to serve the local community in ways no one else can match. We are dedicated to crafting shopping experiences that stand out from the rest.


Today's market has an identity; It is local. It is fresh. It is artisan.

We design experiences. Let's create your store!


Whether it's supermarkets or corner markets, our extensive client list speaks for itself.

Tomoko Matsuno

Uwajimaya Stores 

Seattle, WA

“Running a daily service business is very detail oriented and keeps me very busy. I must trust our store planner to find the new innovations in the marketplace. Without Phillips Enterprises, our new store would have been a combination of just desired ideas in chaos. I needed them to orchestrate and organize all of my ideas. They are always up to date on rules and regulations, which saves time and money. Would not do another project without them.”

Cheryl Pick Sommer

Kaune's Neighborhood Market

Santa Fe, NM

"Tom Phillips and the rest of the Phillips family are truly gems in the rough world of retail construction and design. From start to finish during our remodel, each member of the team was collaborative, professional, knowledgeable and highly responsive....their creativity in design and sourcing of fixtures, equipment and décor was absolutely essential in allowing us to realize our vision for the store. The level of detail and organization brought to the project by all the Phillips was extraordinary. Not the least of which, they are all really nice people and among those we now consider friends."

Toby Taniguchi

KTA Superstores

Hilo, Hawaii

“Remodeling a store is difficult enough. Remodeling a store in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is even more difficult! With the assistance of Phillips Enterprises, we were able to successfully bring our project to completion. From planning fixture locations, coordinating contractors, sourcing equipment, to décor and applications, they have been an invaluable asset to our organization. We would certainly never attempt another new store or remodel without their assistance.”​

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We are proudly a 100% family owned and operated business.

Lead designer and founder Tom Phillips has been a leader in grocery design and consulting dating back to 1972. All of our designers and project managers have a 15+ years of experience specializing in designing supermarkets, convenience stores, delicatessens and food service.


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