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Bringing Your Grocery Store’s Shopping Experience and Personality to Life!

Designing today’s grocery store takes planning, expertise, creativity and a commitment to building the perfect customer experience. At Phillips Enterprises, we take your goals and your vision and give you the design, layout, project management and consultation that can bring them to life. We understand that a better store environment lets you do a better job of controlling operational costs, giving you better gross margins while providing your customers a comfortable shopping experience which will result in more sales and more return visits.

Our signature approach means that we work with you from start to finish, from groundbreaking to greeting your very first customer, with an attention to detail and quality you won’t find with just any company. This approach also means we go beyond just the store size to consider everything from the flow of departments and products to the overall environment to the curb appeal to how efficiently the design and layout is impacting labor.

Grocery Store Design, Layout & Planning Services

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Our Customers Say It Best…

“Remodeling a store is difficult enough. Remodeling a store in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is even more difficult! With the assistance of Tom Phillips, we were able to successfully bring our project to completion. From planning fixture locations, coordinating contractors, sourcing equipment, to décor and applications, Tom has been an invaluable asset to our organization. We would certainly never attempt another new or remodel without his assistance.”
Toby Taniguchi
Store Operations
KTA Superstores, Hilo, Hawaii

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