Food Market Designs

Whether you are building your market from the ground up or ready for a store makeover, your goal is to have a store design that creates an overwhelmingly enjoyable experience. One that gives the shopper a feeling that is fresh and friendly, with a tremendous perception of value.

At Phillips Enterprises, we know that the most important factor is presentation. That’s why we take into account the store size, the type of clientele you want to attract and your overall environment to find the way to visually stimulate the consumer. Simple lighting techniques and the flow of departments play a crucial role in how your customers perceive your grocery store. So, we consider all these factors to produce a one-of-a-kind market unlike any other. We create your store.

Our Services

Store Design

We will meet with the architect and owner to discuss project procedures with regard to administrative details and design concepts. The basic shell is finalized and preliminary design sketches are delineated. Preliminary designs take into account department relationships, traffic flow, and the décor requirements. Client department representatives (i.e.; bakery, deli, floral, etc.) are contacted and offered input and review. Preliminary floor plans are completed and stamped with final signature approvals and dated. The project is then ready for working drawings and budgeting. The budget spreadsheet ultimately becomes the total control vehicle of the project, therefore its completeness is essential before pursuing working drawings.

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As Builts

When preparing for a remodel, we make on-site visits for measurements and prepare a dimensionally correct floor plan. On a new unit, we visit the site and review architectural prints for site impact pertaining to building configuration, entry locations, receiving, parking relationships, refuse equipment locations, signage, and building heights.

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Working Drawings

The working drawings for a project consist of the following, as needed:

  • As Builts
  • Item Plan
  • Item Plan (with spreadsheet)
  • Electrical Plan (pertaining to power requirements and locations)
  • Plumbing Plan (pertaining to requirements and locations)
  • Electrical and Plumbing Specifications (for equipment)
  • Refrigeration Drawings (provided by refrigeration supplier)
  • Walk-in Shop Drawings (provided by walk-in supplier)
  • Exhaust Hood Drawings (provided by exhaust hood supplier)
  • Miscellaneous Details
  • Department 1/4” Blow-ups
  • Walk-in Curb Drawings
  • Décor Plans
  • Floor Cover Plans
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Interior Elevations
  • Miscellaneous Décor Details
  • Color Schedule

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Architectural & Development Consultation

We work very closely with the architect of record in the preliminary stages of design. Upon completion of architectural bid documents, we become heavily involved with the architect and potential contractors through this process. We will provide complete working drawings and equipment specifications book (hardcopy and in .pdf format) to both the architect and the approved contractor.

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Interior Décor

  • Décor Plans and Schemes
  • Floor Cover Plans
  • Interior and Exterior Elevations
  • Lighting Plans
  • Color Schemes & Boards

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The budget spreadsheet is the single most important tool in the project process, as it becomes a tracking device for all items pertaining to the project from its inception to the final project punch list. The spreadsheet lists item numbers, departments, descriptions, quantities, models, brands, suppliers, installers, costs, and purchase orders. All of these become useful in setting up the working drawings and are beneficial when it comes to invoicing from the vendor. Along with costing spreadsheet, a job specification book, with reference numbers to the budget spreadsheet, is prepared. Purchase orders are issued with verification of pricing. Upon final invoice from vendors, pricing is verified to the spreadsheet and updated if necessary. As equipment is arriving on jobsite, it is inventoried and marked off on the costing spreadsheet which starts beginning stages of equipment tracking. A portion of the spreadsheet (item numbers, departments, descriptions, quantities, brands, suppliers, installers) are used as an integral part of the working drawings (Item Plan).

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Project Management

We will be responsible for coordinating the delivery of equipment and monitoring of the project until completion. As project manager, we will act as an agent on behalf of the customer in all dealings with architects, contractors, sub-contractors, and equipment vendors in order to ensure that the needs of our customer have been fulfilled.

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Product Mix Consulting

Phillips Enterprises offers our clients consultation in developing the proper mix of product. When providing this service we can make recommendations, such as outsourcing opportunities, that could help with your bottom line. We also have the ability to help with store performance evaluations and operational statistics. This would include, but not limited to, building lease rates, sales forecasts, labor, and percentages of gross.

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Grocery Store Design, Layout & Planning Services

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Our Customers Say It Best…

“Running a daily service business is very detail oriented and keeps me very busy. I must trust our store planner to find the new innovations in the marketplace. Without Tom Phillips, our new store would have been a combination of just desired ideas in chaos. I needed Tom to orchestrate and organize all of my ideas. Tom is always up to date on rules and regulations, which saves time and money. Would not do another project without him.”
Tomoko Matsuno
Chief Executive Officer
Uwajimaya Stores, Seattle, WA

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